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 Individual Skills Training

at L.Y. Cairns


​Welcome to Individual training

Individual sessions will start on Wednesday January 9th. You can go once or you can go 50 times it is up to you no pressre. You can learn what ever you want to learn it does not matter.  I can teach anything;

  1. Jumpers

  2. Lay-ups

  3. Euros

  4. Pick-n-rolls

  5. Rips 

  6. Pull-up jumpers

  7. Defense.


I can teach how to hit 3's instead of just shooting them.  I can improve your pregame prep and or warm-up.  You want quick re-action time, I can teach that as well.  You name it, I will teach it. 

"Lead Instructor RON HOPKINS can take to you to that next level."


This training, put on by College and University Coach Ron Hopkins who has coached in the ACAC for 19 years with some, if not all of the top programs, will help you prepare for the next level. Coach Hopkins worked with NAIT, Red Deer, and Kings when they were ranked for the first time in the history of those schools.

The Hopkins Skills Clinic will teach players that want to learn not how to get better.  Ron, who is currently the Head Coach for the Seniors Boys at John Maland High School in Devon, would like to spread the words.

" Fun is hard work" 

 These individual clinics will help players at all levels get to the next level.  Players under  8 years must be accompanied by an adult.. "NEW IDEA ALERT", we will teach you how to teach your child basketball no-matter the age. If you teach a parent to coach their child they can coach for a life time.   


  • Cost per player $20 per 1 hour session.  

  • Only taking 15 athletes per-session

You can pay by :

Cheque, or New etransfer

To pay by etranfer please send emails to and make password Hopkins

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