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BTVSwoosh and BallerTV

Tournament  List

  1. EYBA Spring League 

  2. JP Spring League

  3. Swoosh Maximum Madness

  4. Rocky Mountain Challenge

  5. Rocky Mopuntain Challenge 2

  6. Good Hoops Spring 

  7. Good Hoops Summer Slam Summer

  8. WEBA 

  9. WEBA

  10. Slam Tournament Saskatoon

  11. Swoosh CCS

  12. Swoosh Volvo of Edmonton Challenge

  13. The Great Canadian Shootout GCSO

  14. Swoosh Summer Challenger

  15. Swoosh MM2

  16. Alberta Youth Provincails

  17. Genesis

  18. Genesis

BTVSwoosh is the Western Canada streaming service for BallerTV.  BallerTV is a live stream service for youth sporting events such as Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Rugby, Lacrosse, and Hockey, and this service is produced at no cost to the host; unless we have to travel out of town. Then we would have to charge mileage, the cost of hotel rooms, and food for our staff. However, the streaming itself would be free. Now is the best time to get on board because, in the future, we may have to charge for these services, and we may need to hire more camera guys, but for now, it is free of charge for these services.  


BallerTV has only been in the Alberta sense since June 25, 2021, and we have already filmed 42 events, with another  18 club tournaments in the spring and summer signed up and ready to go. Our goal is to host as many games, tournaments, and events as our guys can handle.  Although we know Alberta hosts many competitive events, we also want to show off the grassroots events.  BallerTV has made streaming easy, and the live-streaming platform is second to none. 


BallerTV can instantly turn any simple tournament into something thousands of people can watch. You only have to supply the wifi, and because the service is so big, your tournament will have the opportunity to not only be viewed by the parents of the kids at your event. You now have access to thousands of college coaches in Canada and the US. We already have 350,000 proud members we can all but guarantee there are coaches from NCAA, NAIA, and JUCO school schools able to watch you play all you have to do is let them know your games are on BallerTV and I am sure they have a subscription. Our next goal is to get the ACAC and Usport Teams to become one member.  BallerTV is committed to bringing grassroots basketball and amerture sports to the world one game at a time. Please feel free to check out our website at 

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