Spring League Teams JP/EYBA

Boys and Girls  U13 - U15 - U17

Swoosh Canada Basketball has been a part of spring league for 7 years. We have won these Championships:

  1. 2-U15 Girls Jasper Place 2014 and 2015

  2. U15 Boys Jasper Place 2014-2015

  3. U15 Boys EYBA 2014

  4. 2-U17 Boys Jasper Place 2015, 2016

  5. 2-U17 Boys EYBA 2015, 2016

  6. 3-U15 Girls EYBA 2018

The season starts April and ends June. Swoosh could have more than one team if there is interest.  All Spring League players can train at Swoosh Basketball Academy  at no extra cost . There will be one practice, and one game per-week.


  • U13 Coach Amy

  • U15  Girls Coach Tree

  • U17 Girls JP Ron Hopkins or EYBA Marvin

  • U15 Boys Ron Hopkins

  • U17 Boys Ron Hopkins 

LEAGUE NAME:  EYBA or Jasper Place Spring League
LEAGUE DATES:  Start April - Ends June  

NAME OF GYM:  Saville or JP High School

COST: $650 for just league


  • JP Spring League or EYBA Basketball Spring League

  • Training on Sundays  Location Queen Elizebeth High Schooll

  • Sundays Academies training sessions 11:00 -2:00

  • NEW Dry Land Training $45 per-person limit but is will be extra cost 

Payment needed to secure spot


Please send emails to coachhopkins45@gmail.com and make password: Swoosh

CHEQUES - $650 

Cheques made out to : 

Swoosh Canada Basketball 

17019 100th St.

Edmonton, AB  T5X 4R8


PAYPAL - $675 
​(plus Paypal fee)