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Opportunity for Alberta Athletes to compete at a high level.

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Swoosh Canada started in January of 2011, spearheaded by Ron Hopkins, an experienced and esteemed basketball coach.  The idea of running his own basketball club had been growing and evolving in Ron's head for over thirty years.   Ron's goal was to use his talent and dedication on the court to help young people grow and reach their full potential.   Ron strongly believes that basketball is a sport for everyone and he looks for ways to fill the needs of the community – reaching out to and recruiting rural players and starting an academy for homeschooled children. Since its inception, it has grown a great deal.  Presently, we offer a variety of programs for diverse age groups and levels. We are always looking to better our programs and provide greater opportunities for our athletes. 


We are making great strides in the way we develop and manage our club.  Swoosh has stayed alive due to Ron Hopkins’ passion and dedication.  He has positively impacted the lives of his athletes and has gained the respect and loyalty he needs to keep them coming back each year. Those loyal to Ron have created the foundation from which we can really begin to grow our business.  We are now at a point where we can focus on being proactive, doing what we can to ensure the growth and success of Swoosh. 

We are working tirelessly to promote our camps, academies, and tournaments in such a way that those new to Swoosh notice and believe in the stability and efficiency of the club.  Our goal is to always be six months ahead in terms of planning and preparation.  We are already 100% confident in Ron Hopkins’ ability to coach and develop young players and it is time for our focus to extend to consistent, reliable contact with our customers so that the whole package is of superior quality.  From advertisement to registration to response to inquiries to organization of equipment and facilities, we are committed to a thorough and transparent process.


What sets Swoosh apart from other basketball clubs is our commitment to each individual player.  Our motto is, if you have a dream we want to help you make it come true, or get as close as you possibly can.  Swoosh Canada Basketball becoming what it is today, a successful company that helps each player reach their potential, was a dream we refused to give up.  We take players from diverse backgrounds and we coach their personality, not their attitude.  Taking any player, at any level, has its risks and these are risks that Ron was and is willing to take.  He has made many sacrifices to help make kids' dreams come true; putting in countless hours on and off the court to reach out to players and provide them with the best possible, individualized coaching.  He has donated large parts of his salary wherever it was needed; to hire extra coaches, to help supplement players fees, to book extra gym time, all with one goal in mind: to provide a high-quality, individualized basketball experience for his players. So, while other clubs are just basketball-oriented, Swoosh Canada Basketball is an experience, and it is one you won’t forget.

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