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 Recruiting Tournaments

Attention College coaches. With the increasing number of Canadian players now playing key roles on many U-Sports and ACAC, and the US colleges; Swoosh Canada Basketball has slowly created a place where coaches can come to see Canadian talent. In Easter we have also found the top players from the Bahamas playing  against the best players from Canada.  March 30 - April 1. We will have a tournament  in Edmonton Alberta called the IHG® Easter Classic that will help you find players from all over Edmonton and the Bahamas.  Ask yourself this; how can you find a diamond in the rough if I never go to the rough to see them. Edmonton is also the home of  WNBA player  Adut Bulgak,  D-1 player and former Swoosh player Aher Igual and Alberta's #1 High School prospect Sabry Phillip. There are lots more prominent players here as well. Swoosh holds 4 tournaments a year; 3 at the Saville Centre  and 1 in Olds, and these tournaments in 2017 hosted 350 teams, and 5,250 athletes.  Alberta is fastly becoming a place where college coaches are looking for players, and now that Calgary Dinos have won the National Championship with a kid from Calgary leading them in scoring, and U of S won the Women's National championship with a bunch of girls from Alberta, we are starting to get on the map as a place to find ballers.  Right now if you are in Western Canada coaches are going to be looking for you, and our tournaments promise to be another outlet for those Coaches from the United States and Canada to see the best players play in the best venue in all of North America.  So come to Edmonton and spend a weekend watching the top players in Western Canada play... #TRYSWOOSH


For more information please contact Ron Hopkins at or register online and show your support. 

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