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U.S. Tour 2023 -

Dates: July 16th - Aug 1st

Activities for us tour: 


Universal Studios

Las Vegas Live

Las Vegas Classic

Practice at Staple Centre

Sponsors of Swoosh Canada Basketball

Director Level Sponsorship


Sponsors Level

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Our mission is to support players of all levels, enhancing their ability to achieve their potential while instilling a love of the game.  Swoosh is dedicated to meeting each individual player where they are and developing the skills needed to help them succeed. and meet their goals.   We are committed not only to building solid, basic programs but to training and mentoring coaches as we develop our players.  

Our Mission

Our vision is to provide affordable, high-quality basketball programming to female and male athletes. Giving them a chance to enhance their basketball knowledge, skills and abilities, using personal performance goals on their road to achievement. 

Read more about our club in the "Our Story" section.

Our Vision

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