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Provide affordable, high-quality basketball programming to female and male athletes.

Supporting players of all levels, enhancing their ability to achieve their potential while instilling a love for the game.


Run It Back

We are recruiting young men and women from grades 9 to 12 interested in travelling to Vegas and California to participate in the:

  • EOT July 18th - 21st 

  • Las Vegas Classic July 26th - 30th


These events host the best high school talent in basketball. Players from the top divisions go on to play in the NBA. These tournaments also bring the top college scouts to evaluate talent. If you want to get scouted, this trip will help.

 Swoosh has been going to Vegas for 29 years, and last year our Elite Girls won back-to-back tournaments.


Our prices include everything except for food. All that is required from you is:


  • The love for Basketball

  • A passport


If you feel you have what it takes, and wish to be seen, recruited and/or play against top level players across North America, contact us at:

Email :

Phone : (780) 200-9053

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Baller TV

Free!  BTVSwoosh is the Western Canada streaming service for BallerTV.  BallerTV is a live stream service for youth sporting events such as Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Rugby, Lacrosse, and Hockey, and this service is produced at no cost to the host; unless we have to travel out of town.  Out of town fees would include fees such as: mileage, accommodation and meals, with the streaming services still provided at no cost.  As the economy changes, streaming may have to be a paid service in the future, but now we are still trying our very best to ensure this service can remain a zero cost to the hosts.  Now is the best time to get on board.

BallerTV has only been in Alberta since June, 2021.  Since its debut, we have filmed 42 events, with another 18 club tournaments in the spring and summer signed up and ready to go. Our goal is to host as many games and tournaments as possible.  Although we know Alberta hosts many competitive events, we also want to show off the grassroots events.  BallerTV has made streaming easy, and the live-streaming platform is second to none. 


Night Shoot 



Register Here 



Swoosh is excited to bring back Night Shoot


Swoosh Night I am excited about this new program.  We are restarting Night Tuesday night is going to be for people that want to get up extra shots. This extra and so it will cost extra I will teach basic shooting so if you think your child need so learn how to shoot or you just want a place to get up extra shots we will only be working on the fundament of shoot and attacking the basket. 

All the info you need is in the flyer. 

We will only except cash or Etranfer.

etranfers goes to



Swoosh has been and always will be the leader of tournaments. There are higher calibre tournaments, but none run with the precision of the Swoosh tournaments. We go out of our way to ensure your tournament experience is the best possible, and here is how we do it.

  • We have very experienced tournament organizers and schedulers who are available to answer questions and will respond promptly.

  • Our tournaments are well-planned and always run on time.

  • We collect all the appropriate information in advance to ensure a smooth scheduling process (for example, if you can't play until after 4 on Friday or you coach two teams and you can't play at the same time as another team, we will accommodate)

  • We use top-line apps for the scheduling that are updated immediately, so you always know where your team plays. If there are any changes, you will receive a call letting you know there has been a change. 

  • We have excellent facilities that have good courts and areas for spectators.

  • We use carded referees.

  • We have a hotel liaison (Swoosh Hospitality) who will help your team manager book suitable and affordable hotels. 

  • We have moved all our registrations online, so you will not need a tournament package. All the info you need will be available at registration.

  • Gate fees to enter our tournament are the same for each tournament $5 for the day and $10 for the weekend.

  • Our tournaments are very competitive, with fair divisions and the prioritized goal to offer you the best tournament experience possible.

We run a total of 5 tournaments per season.  Registration opens in December of each year.  Your team can join all tournaments, or one, whatever your schedule and budget allotts for.  Don’t forget!  We offer BallerTV at all tournaments which allows anyone participating in our tournaments to watch all streams for free.


Take the time, and register ASAP! 


“If you have a dream we want to help you make it come true!”

Swoosh is dedicated to the development of each player.  We assess individual player skills and offer insight into improvement to ensure consistent and successful acquired skills.  Not only is our commitment in advancing our youth, but we are committed to building solid programs with an emphasis on training and mentoring coaches, to ensure player development.  

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