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Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn Agreement

Swooshnation!!! We are excited to announce that we are entering into partnership with several Hotels Group throughout Alberta.  Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn are now our #1 one Brand of hotels and this brand is worldwide, and we now have access to their amazing hotels throughout the entire year. This access is only for events but anytime a friend of swoosh travels. We are looking very forward to a new year with Holiday Inn Express. 


We will continue to vest the number of hotel rooms booked on an annual basis by Swoosh Canada Basketball and our Club partners in the sport as well as our family and friends:

·        To use our number and get 10% off each rooms' lowest rates across Canada and the US.

·        We will provide you (which includes Basketball, Football and Volleyball) the opportunity to reduce expenses for their clubs as well as their personal use.


The benefits of the partnership are as follows:


Clubs Booking 1-unlimited Rooms 

For camps, tournaments etc. - TBA.


 Clubs Booking 1 or More Rooms 

For camps, tournaments etc. can call TBA

 Friends of Swoosh Canada Basketball 

Can also make reservations for their personal use - single room bookings, family vacations, weddings, or family reunions!


Visit TBA


Stay at an Holiday inn express hotel at 10% off the lowest price 

Our unique, grassroots initiative spans all our Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express. With participating locations across the country geared up offering the best group rates, we’re quickly becoming a tournament hotel that turns guests into fans.

 Ask Participating Hotels About: 

  • Team-oriented meals to give your squad the energy they need on game day

  • Access to equipment storage rooms

  • Free breakfasts on game day (at Holiday Inn Express® and Staybridge Suites® Hotels)

  • Options for hospitality suites and private parent lounges

  • Keep all your fans updated on the score with complimentary internet for all IHG® Rewards Club members at all of our properties

Terms of agreement 



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